Due to illness, the cat wandered down the street without seeing anything, no longer hoping for help.

Joe left his home in Florida, intending to take a little walk. Almost immediately on his way, he met a cat who was walking the same way. The cat walked quite confidently, but the man noticed that the eyes of the animal were closed. Probably, Joe would have passed by, only the cat confidently walked right to his house, climbed to the threshold and began to eat from the bowl that the man had set for his house cat. The behavior of the homeless owner of the house is impudent, but he decided that this is not a reason to refuse food and help to a homeless animal.

The bowl was empty in less than a minute and Joe brought more food out of the house. While the tramp was eating, the man decided that he would try to help the animal.

They managed to lure a street cat into the carrier with the same food, after which Joe and his new ward went to the veterinarian. After the examination, the doctor said that the cat’s eyes could be saved, but the treatment was to be serious, because life on the street had a strong impact on the health of the animal.

When the cat finally opened its eyes, it turned out that they were multi-colored. Heterochromia is a rare phenomenon for cats, moreover, no one thought that a thin, dirty cat would have one eye clear blue and the other a shade of amber. The cat turned out to be sociable and loving, as soon as he opened his eyes he began to thank everyone around.

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