A brave and devoted pet, risking himself, saved his mistress from the bite of a poisonous snake

This story happened to a resident of the city of Anthema, Arizona, on Friday, June 29th. Paula Godwin walking her golden retriever.

The weather was wonderful outside, and the woman walked calmly, enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, her pet jumped in front of his mistress, covering her legs with his body. And on him, something gray attacked.

As it turned out later, it was a rattlesnake, the poison of which is life-threatening. The puppy protected Paula, taking all the blow. The bite fell on the muzzle, which quickly swelled.

Wasting no time, the woman took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where, after a detailed examination, she was informed that nothing threatened her retriever’s life. Paula filmed her pet’s bloated face on camera and posted the photos on her social media page the same day, telling her story.

The woman’s post quickly spread all over the Internet. People admired the selfless deed of the animal.

Most of the women’s family members keep this breed of dog, and recently she was presented with such a puppy.

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