The dog, tied up in the cold at the store, could not believe that the old mistress was leaving without him.

Julia came to the supermarket for groceries. She parked her car, adjusted her hat, and went out into the street.

It was early in the morning, so there were very few people here. But at the very door of the supermarket, Julia saw a tied dog. Small and very pretty.

The dog sat moderately calm, as if deliberately trying to demonstrate his patience. But it was noticeable that he was uncomfortable in such a motionless position. Like all young dogs, he clearly enjoyed a good run.

Yulia really liked this cute dog, she wanted to pet him. But she did not do this, because climbing into other people’s animals is indecent. She just smiled at the dog and went about her business.

When Julia left the store – a whole half hour had passed – the dog was sitting in the same place. His eyes were fixed somewhere far away. Julia took a closer look and realized that an old woman was walking in that direction, who had already gone far enough, but the silhouette could still be seen. It was this woman that the dog was looking at.

Yulia frowned. It doesn’t look like the owners were in a hurry to pick up their dog. They probably stayed in the store longer than they originally intended. Thinking, the girl decided to wait until they came for the dog. She didn’t want to leave the animal in this strange, unsafe position. She got into the car, continuing to watch.

But it did not take that long, the situation was resolved much earlier. That old woman, after whom the dog was looking, suddenly returned. Yulia had never seen older women run at such speed before.

Grandmother ran up to the dog, and he rushed to her, pulling on the leash.

– I’ve completely lost my mind! Forgot about you. Here is the old ruin! I’m sorry! the woman wailed as she untied the dog. She obviously reproached herself for how carelessly she acted.

The dog was very happy about the return of his mistress. He barked and rubbed against her legs. The old woman left the store and just walked by. Anyone here is scared! Of course, now he was happy, because he was still not abandoned here forever.

Julia calmed down. Realizing that everything was in order, she went home. She was happy and warm.

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