When the mistress was gone, the heirs drove the cat and kittens out of the house and threw away their bedding.

For the umpteenth time in Kursk there are stories that make one marvel at human cruelty to animals. An old woman lived here. She was very kind and kept a cute kitty. That cat even had kittens. But not so long ago, the old woman passed away.

The heirs were not long in coming. But they decided not to take care of their grandmother’s pet. Instead, the cat and her children ended up on the street. All the bedding was thrown into the trash. The neighbor, who was watching everything that was happening, was very worried about the kittens and the cat. She begged those people not to treat the animals so cruelly. After all, it would be possible to leave them at least bedding or not to board up a hole through which the animals could get into the barn. But the heirs did not leave the cats a chance. They just said that animals are not needed here.

The kittens were completely unadapted to life on the street. They only looked to their mother. The cat tried with all her might to get into the boarded-up barn. She almost ripped off her claws, scratching at the doors. In the end, she managed to find the hole. But when it got cold, the kittens started getting sick. There was no one to help them. One of the kittens died on the street, hit by a car. The rest were able to live to an older age.

Two neighbors of the former owner fed the cat and kittens. This is how the animals survived.

When the heirs returned and saw that the cats were still alive, they became very angry. The neighbors were given a condition: either the cats disappear somewhere, or they will be euthanized.

One of the neighbors turned to animal rights activists, begging them to help.

Volunteers immediately responded to this appeal and took the cats out.

The cats were very thin and sad. Despite this, they were very cute. They were immediately examined by a veterinarian. It turned out that the cats are very sick due to a long stay in the cold.

For some time, the seals hid, not making contact with people. They were under tremendous stress. But gradually the animals were imbued with confidence in their saviors. Cats love to lie near warm radiators, because warmth is exactly what they lacked during their life in the basement. They seem to be better now. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true.

In the apartment in which the cats ended up, other animals also live. This only adds to their stress, causing a lot of discomfort.

The cats still live in the place for overexposure, in which they got at the very beginning. They don’t feel very comfortable with it. Some diseases cannot be cured due to the constant contact of seals with other animals. Veterinarians are doing everything they can, but it’s not enough. Kittens need isolation and care. Otherwise, all the efforts of volunteers may simply disappear.

Cats need a real home and loving owners. Volunteers are actively engaged in searches, leaving no hope that everything will work out.

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