The car drove away from the dog and her nine puppies. They only left the box.

Trying to catch up with the car was pointless. The driver would not stop. Hopes for mercy and help was not necessary. Even if a person stops, it is only to move them away. Mom-dog decided not to waste her energy and took care of the kids who were in the box.

She could think about what had happened later, but now she had to take care of the puppies.

Gradually, the box began to fall into disrepair. People passed by who saw that puppies live inside, but preferred not to notice them. A few stopped and took out dog treats from the bags, but then they also left. When the box almost fell into disrepair, someone brought a small makeshift house instead.

The house was flimsy and small, but it was the only thing that protected the kids from the weather. Instead of bedding they brought hay, it did not let the cold from the ground. Elena and her husband came to the dogs every day, brought them food. They asked all the neighbors and acquaintances and were able to find the owners for the six kids.

But unexpectedly, three more puppies were thrown into Maruska’s houses. The dog turned out to be a good mother and did not understand where the crumbs came from, she immediately began to nurse them.

Soon they found overexposure for Marusya. The dog was sad that she was separated from the kids. Since she was on the street, puppies have become for her the meaning of life, for them she has struggled with adversity. Now the meaning of living further with Marusya is gone. People tried to tell the dog that her children are all right, they are healthy, full and happy.

It took time, but Marusya believed people. The dog became cheerful and sociable.

Marusya knows that everything will definitely be fine. She again learned to trust people and considers each of them her friend.

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