The emaciated, exhausted horse lay in the mud and barely breathed with its last strength.

At a construction site in one of the English cities, people made an unexpected discovery. Just in the middle of the construction site lay a horse. At first glance, it seemed that the animal was dead, but when people approached it, they could notice weak breathing.

People called the animal welfare organization that took care of the horses. Rescuers soon arrived at the scene. Animal rights activists were amazed that the horse was still alive. No one hoped that the animal, which barely had the strength to breathe, would be able to recover. The volunteers decided to take a chance and soon five people were loading the horse into a van for transportation.

Volunteers believe that the previous owner of the horse did not know anything about proper care and this provoked numerous diseases in the animal. When it became clear that the animal needed treatment, the man decided not to waste time on this and simply kicked him out into the street. Heidi, as the rescuers called the horse, was immediately taken to the veterinarian.

Serious treatment was required, including a blood transfusion. Dressings, treatment from parasites. Nutrition for Heidi was recommended reinforced, because her weight was not even close to the norm. Only a month later the horse was able to rise to its feet, it took even more time for it to take a few steps.

With their care, attention, proper care and love, people helped Heidi recover. A lot of time passed, but the wounds on the horse’s body became invisible, they were replaced by a new shiny coat.

Heidi’s life has changed a lot. She recovered and gained weight, changed outwardly. Now the horse participates in exhibitions and competitions, winning prizes and awards.

Heidi is a clear example of the fact that care and love work real miracles, changing life for the better.

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