My 22 year old cat is gone. My apartment was empty without a pet for exactly 40 days

My cat has had a long life. We spent 22 years together. Recently, the pet was getting sick more and more often, we constantly visited the veterinarian and the treatment allowed us to extend our time together a little more. I tried very hard, the veterinarians helped, but after 22 years my friend went to the rainbow.

Having buried the cat, I was very worried about the loss of a beloved friend. Some of my friends said that you should not be so upset because of the animal, I stopped communicating with such people. Others told me that it was wrong to bury a cat, that only people deserve a final goodbye.

I cannot explain what happened, but 40 days after my pet passed away, I did not see a single cat in the yard or on the street. Before that, we had few of them in the yard, but still, I often saw them.

When 40 days had passed, a subtle squeak stopped me on my way home from work. It was coming from the garbage cans, so I went over to check what was wrong. A kitten was sitting by the garbage dump, he was tiny, thin, one of his eyes swollen badly. The kid was not at all like my former pet, but I immediately realized that I would not leave him alone.

Now I have a new friend. We had to tinker with accustoming him to the tray, but the kitten was kind and playful and soon won the sympathy of our entire family.

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