From morning until evening, the dog lay by the road, all he could do was crawl off the roadway

When Elena returned home, it was already dark, but she could clearly see the dog lying on the side of the road. Another woman approached the animal, it seemed that she was visiting the dog not for the first time. Elena asked if she knew how the animal ended up here.

The woman suggested that the dog was hit by a car. She said that the dog had been hit by a car in the morning and then crawled away from the road. The dog crawled using its front paws, the hind legs simply dragged lifelessly along the road. There was a piece of rope around the dog’s neck, perhaps the owners threw it on the road, or maybe he ran away from people by biting the rope. The dog was afraid of people and tried not to give into hands, as if he did not expect anything good from them.

Elena approached the road and started to stop the cars. It took the woman two hours to find a driver who would agree to take her with the dog to the clinic. One man went to the meeting, helped load the dog into the car and drove her and Elena to the clinic.

Elena called us, asking us to help pay for the work of veterinarians. At that time, we had no idea how serious the damage was to the dog.

Jackie, as the dog was called in the clinic, did not trust people at all. The doctor’s attempts to examine him aroused desperate resistance from the animal. Petting to change the dog’s behavior did not help, and it was also impossible to keep him during the examination. Doctors gave the restless patient an injection to immobilize him for the duration of the manipulations.

The examination showed that the dog’s spine was broken and his chest was shell-shocked. Doctors warned that the dog would remain disabled, they were not sure if she would be able to relieve herself after treatment, but at first she would definitely have to be “squeezed out”.

There is no overexposure in our city where they could take care of a dog with such injuries. Finding a home for a spinal supporter also seems like something out of the realm of fantasy. On the street, a half-paralyzed dog will also not survive. He needs care not only for the period of treatment, but for the rest of his life.

For two days, Jackie lived in the clinic, and Elena did not stop looking for overexposure for him. She managed to do the impossible – they agreed to take the dog for treatment in St. Petersburg.

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