“Baby, I will save you and take you to the heat”: an elderly dog found a puppy freezing in the snow

Dog Benya found a puppy in the snow. The elderly dog could not leave the baby to freeze, he decided that he would help him get to a warm place. The kid could not get up on his paws, he was so cold that he was unable to move. Benya took the baby by the scruff of the neck and carried him to where he could warm himself.

He brought baby Benya to his master’s house, he immediately put him on the bedspread, as if he had no doubt that the person would not mind. The owner of Beni did not really object, because he realized that the puppy really needed help. The kid was constantly trembling, even in a warm house he could not get warm.

The man heated milk for the puppy, but after taking a few sips the baby fell again exhausted. Only after a while the trembling passed and the puppy was able to fall asleep. In a dream, the baby cried and sometimes shuddered.

The puppy’s sleep went on for many hours. When he opened his eyes, the man examined him and noticed that the paws did not look the way they should. The man wrapped the baby in a blanket and took him to the clinic. The veterinarian examined and prescribed drugs.

The puppy recovered within a week. He became active again, ate well, began to study the house and even barked at Benya. But the old dog was not at all afraid, he looked at his new friend with warmth.

The kid was named Snowball. The dog was funny and curious. Benya constantly looks after him and, like an experienced nanny, keeps the baby out of trouble.

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