When the dog’s owner died, her relatives put the dog outside

Poor thing named Ella, as if fate itself throws up difficult trials. It is not known just where to expect trouble. At first, the mongrel was destined to be born on the street and be abandoned by such a mongrel and useless mother-dog. The baby was noticed by an elderly woman. Grandmother decided to adopt a dog to help her and herself. After all, the woman lived alone. This is how they lived together for several years. For Ella, this was the happiest time of her life.

Unfortunately, the owner of the dog is gone. The woman at one point became seriously ill and never recovered. When the old woman died, all Ella’s hopes for a happy and comfortable life collapsed. For some time, after the death of the mistress, the pet was left completely alone, no one fed her, she was cold. However, even such a life could seem like paradise to the dog, because much worse trials awaited it further. And here’s what happened.

Grandmother’s relatives decided to divide her property among themselves. We moved into the house and changed everything in it for ourselves. They threw out some of the woman’s belongings, made a complete rearrangement and got rid of the dog. They didn’t need her, because they need to take care of her: feed, walk, pay attention.  However, Ella did not want to leave her beloved home so easily.

The little girl sat at the gate for days on end, hoping that the hearts of the owners would tremble when they saw her devotion and kind eyes. However, the miracle did not happen. These people had no soul, because they were very cruel. They began to beat the dog and throw stones at it so that it would get away from the house and forget the way back. My grandmother’s neighbor saw it all with her own eyes. Despite the fact that she herself needed help, she took pity on Ella thrown into the street and shared her last crumbs with her.

And there is no exaggeration here, the woman and the dog really had nothing to eat, but they divided the grief in half. A woman wouldn’t last that long. The new neighbors threatened that they would get rid of the animal if the woman continued to support her, they did not want the dog to live nearby. Thus Ella got to the capital. Now she is doing well, and then only the best awaits her. The dog, despite such ordeals, is still loyal to people, remains affectionate and friendly. Now she is looking for new owners.

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