The wounded dog could not walk and crawled into the entrance to warm himself, but from there he was put out in the cold

The girl wrote to volunteers who are engaged in saving animals. In the message, the girl wrote about a dog who lives in a residential area. The animal could not walk, every day it crawled its way to the food pavilion, from which the sellers fed the animal.

The girl also began to feed the dog, and he sometimes gathered his strength and crawled into the entrance where she lived to spend the night warm. Residents of the entrance did not like this neighborhood. On one particularly frosty evening, they simply kicked the dog out into the street.

The animal lay in the snow. He did not have the strength to crawl in search of a drier and warmer shelter. The dog was even breathing with difficulty. Passers-by did not pay attention to the suffering of the dog.

when the volunteers arrived. The dog was barely alive. First of all, the animal was taken to the clinic, where it was immediately operated on.

From the clinic, the dog went to overexposure while he is still staying there. The dog went out, but one of its paws lost the ability to bend. This feature does not interfere with the dog, it actively moves and behaves the same way as other animals of its age.

Posts and announcements on social networks did not help find owners for the dog. So far, it has not even been possible to find a curator for him who would come to play and chat with him.

The dog understands that he is very lonely and is very worried about the absence of a person next to him. He cannot understand what he has done wrong to people.

The character of the dog is excellent, he is smart, sociable, loves affection. The dog needs a lot of care and attention. I would like to believe that soon there will be a person who will appreciate this amazing animal.

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