“The paws are inflated, the tail is frozen.” cat in frost -40 came out to people for help

There were 40-degree frosts in Yakutsk when this cat came to people. The animal’s paws suffered from the cold, they were greatly swollen, the tail did not move, the eye was swollen due to inflammation.

People felt sorry for the animal and took it to the zookeepers. The condition of the new ward surprised even many of the employees of the fund who saw it. The cat is young, but it immediately became clear that now he will remain disabled for the rest of his life.

The animal was taken to the clinic, and the employees wrote about it on their page, asking for help in the form of diapers, food, money for treatment.

What’s interesting, where were the owners, there were three of them.

The girl called first. She did not introduce herself, but through her tears she said that she would take Olaf if there were no other applicants. It was decided that after treatment the animal will go live with her.

Later, the people who were the first owners of the cat called. Having seen the photo on social networks, the woman immediately recognized the former pet. Stopping with tears and sobs, she told about Marcel, so it turned out that the cat has one more name. Marcel lived with them in the house until the birth of the child.

The child was diagnosed with a wool allergy and the pet found a new family. Soon the cat ran away from them. These people also saw the post, they came to the clinic, they brought a cat pillow with them from home. It is not clear where Marcel-Olaf will go from the clinic. He is under the care of a fund that pays for the work of veterinarians.

Now the animal spends all its time in the clinic, the doctors make bandages on it, hoping to save its paws. The tail will be removed, perhaps it will also be decided to proceed with paws.

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