The abandoned cat lived in a cold ravine under the stove and every day came to the cafe to ask for food.

There had been frost for many days, all street cats tried to hide from the cold in the basements, almost no one was on the street. Therefore, when we became aware of this cat, it seemed strange to us that he was on the street. Moreover, we understood that an adequate person would not drive a pet out into the street in such weather.

Heartless people are not only those who threw the cat outside in the cold, but also those who drove him away from the cafe. The cat crawled out from under the stove under which he lived and went to the cafe to beg for food. Those who were not indifferent fed, some with cat food, and some with leftovers from the table.

However, the worst thing happened when a local “shooter” decided to train on an animal. The cat was able to escape, but still received a small paw injury.

When we heard about the pet, we came to pick it up. It seems that he always came to the cafe and sat nearby, but then he was not there. We decided to ask people, the cafe staff, and one woman said:

Did this cat give up on you? So what, what’s missing? It would be better to help people.

They called the cat, but no one came out, and the grandmother continued to stand by the path, indignant and shouting. Later we guessed that she offended the cat with her stick, because he did not want to go out. Then we waited for more than an hour, walked in circles, looking for a cat, but it did not give any result.

We decided to come another day. The frost was very strong, all the limbs froze, but we continued to call the cat, specially shook the food, and finally the cat came out.

He came out with his head held high and immediately fell into his hands. We were surprised. They put him in a carrier, in which the cat purred all the way to the shelter. There he spent several weeks in quarantine. But after we moved him to a common room, where he found a common language with the rest of the cats.

They named the cat Jaguar. It turned out that the cat is quite arrogant and self-willed. He is not an affectionate and cute cat who loves to purr. His character is capricious – a jaguar in miniature, so to speak.

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