Puppies that had just been taken from their mothers in a frost of -27 degrees were looking for salvation in someone else’s booth

Severe frosts in the region began immediately after the new year. Someone from the inhabitants of the Lyubertsy district decided that such weather was just right for leaving puppies on the street who were born only a little over a month ago. The kids had no chance to survive on their own on the street.

The puppies were dropped off at the garages in the middle of the night.

The babies were taken away from their mother, who they still needed very much, and left outside in the bitter cold. The kids were very small, it was difficult to notice them from the side. Not far from the road, the puppies found a booth, they climbed into it and lay down, clinging to each other to somehow keep warm. It turned out that the booth has an owner – the dog Ryzhik. Once upon a time, local residents put a house for a stray dog and he lived in it, only at night he often ran away on his own business.

In the morning, Ryzhik returned and tried to drive the uninvited guests out of his house in order to sleep in a warm booth. But the kids didn’t leave. The puppies had nowhere to go, and they simply did not have the strength to look for a new home. When Ryzhik sorted out relations with uninvited guests, they were noticed by passers-by. One of the girls who found the kids is familiar with Olya, my assistant. So we learned about the puppies, Olga immediately went after them.

We both knew that we had too few people and too many charges. No one was going to replenish the company with a couple more kids who need special care, but we also didn’t want to leave them in a thirty-degree frost. He hopes that Ryzhik will change his anger to mercy and allow them to stay in his booth.

When Olya arrived, the puppies were sitting in the farthest corner of the booth and looked scared and confused.

The puppies were dirty, but one of them turned out to have very memorable eyes: one is sky blue, the other is the color of amber. Olga was surprised by the huge tummies of the kids, she decided that this could be a consequence of infection with parasites.

In one of the clinics where they help us, they agreed to accept the babies on the same day. The puppies were weak, but we assumed that this was due to hypothermia. Examination and X-ray showed that there is another reason.

On the X-ray, the doctor saw bones, coins and even gravel in the stomachs of the kids.

“We will try all the options, but there is a high probability that it will be necessary to operate. But the kids are weak and may not be able to endure the operation, ”the veterinarian honestly said.

Olga called me to tell me about the situation. For the first few seconds, I couldn’t say anything because of the shock. I understood that the puppies themselves would not swallow stones and coins. So someone deliberately stuffed it into them and put them out in the cold so that they probably wouldn’t survive. I can’t understand, did the person want to make sure the babies die or cause them as much suffering as possible?

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