At 2 months, a husky puppy was put outside: he asked to go home, but he was not allowed

People often behave illogically, it seems that this should become habitual and stop surprising, but sometimes human stupidity can still cause bewilderment…

Gerda came to us two months ago. Prior to this, our ward had a house, but when people got tired of messing with the dog, they just put it on the street. Gerda did not understand what had happened, so she did not leave, sitting at the door and waiting for the owners to change their mind and let her into the house.

One of my subscribers told me about Gerda. Maria decided to help and brought the dog to us for overexposure.

Gerda is still quite a puppy, she is not even a year old. For several months, the husky lived on the street, hiding in the gap between the barn and the fence of the house, which until recently she considered her own. In the mornings, the master’s children passed Gerda on their way to school and did not even try to feed their former pet. This level of indifference amazes me.

When the volunteers came for the dog, the owner left the yard. “It’s good that you take her away, I’m already tired of hanging around here every day,” the woman expressed her opinion.

Gerda turned out to be a well-mannered and obedient dog, who is used to waiting for a walk and fulfilling all the requirements of a person. Husky shows interest and friendliness to other dogs. The former owner promised that she would give us Gerda’s documents.

For the first few days, Gerda ate and slept, glad that she was finally warm. While she is a little nervous, fearing that she will again be alone on the street. The dog tries not to leave people, as if afraid not to see them again.

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