The cat lived on the street for almost 10 years. How did his life develop and how does he look now?

In today’s article, we will tell you how the cat rescue operation took place in North Carolina, USA. It deserves special attention, since it was necessary to save not a defenseless and exhausted kitten from a hard street life, but a well-known cat covered with battle scars, who had lived on the street for at least 10 years.

One day, the zookeepers came across a large number of cats that needed help. Therefore, they caught them, cured them, and then found their owners. But animal protectionists could not cope with one, the biggest cat. He constantly managed to avoid all human traps.

A cunning and experienced cat managed to escape from people for several days, but as a result, he was caught and sent to a shelter. A full medical examination showed that the cat has a number of diseases that homeless animals most often suffer from. But it was not the fleas and the dirty, sticky wool that surprised the volunteers, but the scars that covered his whole body. And this meant that he had to prove his supremacy among his peers more than once.

Having received the necessary course of treatment, the cat went to the treatment of a girl named Lindsey, who faced a difficult task – to continue the course of treatment prescribed by veterinarians, to remove the flea and to make him agree with people. The latter required considerable effort.

But the girl managed to achieve the desired result, thanks to her caring attitude towards the animal. The cat, who always avoided people, began to allow herself to be stroked. And after a few weeks he purred and shook hands. But the girl was not able to turn him completely into a pet. He himself decides when and in what place he can be scratched or stroked.

And when the cat went to repair, he started looking for a family. The task was complicated by the fact that the cat was no longer young, had a complex character, and 10 years of life left a visible mark on his appearance and health. The girl Jena, who worked as a veterinarian in a neighboring state and who traveled several hundred kilometers for the sake of the animal, decided to take the cat to herself.

Such a hostess as Jena will be able to provide proper care for the cat and over time she will definitely be able to turn it into a real pet.

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