Labrador settled in someone else’s porch and even walked himself. But the residents put it on the street at -27

This story happened in the city of Kursk, in one of its sleeping areas. It was a cold December month on the street. None of the residents noticed when this beautiful labrador with black fur appeared in their area. He sat at the entrance to the store for a long time, hoping for a treat. But, since he was not like a yard dog, people thought that he was waiting for his master while he was shopping.

But time passed, winter came, and nothing changed in the dog’s life. Every day she was looking for food and some warm place to warm herself. Someone, from among indifferent people, posted his photo on the Internet, in the “Loss” section, but the owner never came forward.

And when the air temperature dropped to 20 degrees, the labrador became very cold. He met every person leaving the house with a pleading look in the hope that they would allow him to warm up in their porch. And once he was lucky to meet a volunteer who wanted to help a frozen labrador.

Angelica, that’s the name of the girl, let the dog into the porch and brought him food every day. The dog turned out to be a very smart creature. To relieve the need, she always went out into the street, waiting for someone from the residents, and in the same way got inside. Larador behaved very quietly and did not inconvenience anyone.

But not all residents liked that a street dog lives in the doorway. And they began to drive her out into the street. At that moment, the air temperature reached 27 degrees below zero.

After that, Anjelika began to act. She wrote an appeal on social networks, asking for help for a labrador under the name Thomas. This post was read by a girl who knew the owner of the petting zoo well and agreed with her to accommodate Thomas. And the next day, Thomas was already in the car that was taking him to the new warm house. By the behavior of Thomas, it was noticeable that he is very happy with the changes in his life.

True, the zoo is always overcrowded in winter, but the labrador was still accepted. How can you leave a poor animal to freeze on the street? If labradors are already abandoned, why talk about ordinary dogs?

On arrival at the zoo, Thomas was a little confused. Most likely, he lived in the apartment together with his owner, because he entered the hayloft with trepidation. Maybe his owner died, and his relatives drove the animal away? For Kursk, this is a usual business, unfortunately. I don’t want to believe that such a smart animal was betrayed by the closest person, its owner.

It is very difficult for Thomas to get used to the enclosure. He needs a home and a host who will surround him with care and love.

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