After saving a three-month-old baby, the cat became a real heroine

The newborn stayed alone on the street in winter. A three-month-old child was left in the cold, but a cat named Dasha took care of him, warmed him and called for help.

Даша бродячая кошка, who lives on the streets of Obninsk. Most of the time he spends the whole day looking for food. Walking along the roadside, the animal paid attention to a squeak from a cardboard box. Out of curiosity, the cat went to check what was inside.

The discovery was very unexpected – a baby was lying in the box. A three-month-old baby was thrown on the side of the road in severe frost. The cat could not tell about her find, but she decided to do everything possible to help.

Dasha climbed up to the child in the box and lay down so that her thick wool warmed the baby, and she herself began to meow very much. The cries of the animal were heard by a local resident who sometimes fed Dasha.

“She is usually not so noisy. Даша is sociable and peaceful. When I heard that she was crying, I decided that the cat was injured. Usually she comes to greet me herself, but this time she sat in the box and didn’t react when I called. I approached the box and was speechless when I saw that there was not only a cat, but also a baby. Probably, she was guided by maternal instinct, she wanted to protect the baby. The baby was in a hat, diapers and mixture were lying in the box.

She rushed and took the child to the hospital. After the examination, the pediatricians reported that the baby was not injured.

The newborn stayed in the cold for several hours, the warm wool of the cat did not allow him to get hypothermia.

It was not possible to find the parents. Dasha remained homeless, but became known throughout the city and often receives treats from people.

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