A woman in her barn found an emaciated stray dog and decided to help her

The large Sullivan family lives in Kansas in a large house, which is typical of Americans, where there is a spacious back yard. The mother of the family, Laura, loves dogs, and so does her husband. Therefore, they have three dogs of the Stafford breed, which is their favorite.

And so, as usual, Laura went to walk her pets. As soon as she opened the door to the street, the dogs ran to the backyard and for some reason they were interested then in the shed where the family kept various rubbish.

When the woman went inside the building, she found an emaciated dog there. She was very scared, and tears came to her eyes from the pain.

Laura sent her pets away and closed the doors to the barn. After the dogs had done all their work, she took them to the house, and she herself returned to the guest. The woman gave the dog food, poured water and covered it from the cold.

Then his wife called, because she needed his help.

Although the dog had a bad reaction to Laura’s husband – she growled at him.

So I had to throw a blanket over her, and then take her to the clinic. On the way, the couple gave the pet the nickname Tim.

Now the family has four dogs and they are all friendly.

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