A loud plaintive sound came from the roadside pit. The cat needed help and the guy didn’t pass by

Today’s article tells about one story that happened with a student. We all know what a tight schedule students have. In the morning you need to rush to a couple, after dinner – to work, and in the evening you need to go on a date with the lady of your heart, and at the end, manage to take her home. Therefore, the guy returned home already late in the evening when it started to get dark.

Despite the fact that it was cold outside, the student’s mood was uplifted. After all, everything he planned for today was successfully completed.

At such a time of day, there are already few cars on the roads. It was quiet, only the lights and traffic lights worked.

The guy put on headphones and listened to his favorite music. But at the moment of the pause between the melodies, he suddenly heard a low squeal. And music was here, no matter what. To listen, the student took out headphones from his ears. The sound resembled the meowing of a small kitten.

It was getting colder on the street, so the guy decided to carefully inspect the territory. He turned out to be right, it was a kitten.

The kitten was sitting in a pothole in the middle of the road. It is not surprising that no one heard him during the day, because the road is full of dozens of cars.

The guy involuntarily reprimanded the person who threw the defenseless living being on the street and picked up the baby to warm it with the heat of his body.

The kitten was very lucky that he was not hit by a car. The guy wanted to find a secluded place for him near the residential houses, but the kitten was clearly not going to leave the warm place under his scarf.

Therefore, the guy decided to take him to his home, and it’s nothing that they already have a cat and a dog. Mom gave her consent.

The baby was washed, fed and locked in a separate room, because the domestic cat did not want to accept the kitten. For a short period of time, while they were looking for a new family, she learned to use the tray. A relative of the family, who lived in a private house, took him soon.

If you think about it, the kitten was very lucky to have heard and found it.

This story teaches us that you should never let your hands down. Our fate can be changed in an instant.

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