11 hours faithful dog swam across the bay, asking to save his host

There are always a lot of Australians in Moreton Bay who love to fish, on that day one of them saw a dog swimming in the bay. The shepherd dog was approaching the pier, not far from it, a wetsuit was floating on the surface of the water. Taking the animal to land, the fisherman contacted the rescuers.

The specialists were soon at the pier. The owner of the animal, whose boat did not get in touch, was wanted. Rescuers could not locate her. Soon the man was found, barely breathing, having spent all his strength to stay above the water, grabbing the boat floating upside down.

The man decided to go to sea with Heidi the shepherd. An unforeseen situation caught them far from land: the boat was upside down, and Heidi and the owner were on opposite sides of it. The current quickly carried the man away from his pet.

Heidi was determined to help and swam to shore. The journey took her 11 hours. Heidi hardly found the strength in herself not to give up, she did not stop swimming, knowing that she was the only one who could save her master.

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