The cat was placed in a cat litter box, wrapped in bags and put outside, with a note attached to it.

People don’t always act logically and consistently. For example, in the case of this story, the owner of the cat seemed to love his pet, or at least tried to help him. But on the other hand, this man acted incredibly strange and cruel.

It all happened in 2017 in Krasnoyarsk. The New Year was approaching. A woman walking past a trash can saw something very strange. Near the dump stood the most ordinary cat litter, wrapped in some kind of bag. And on top of this structure sat a British cat. There was a note next to it, which said that the cat’s name was Lyova, and that the owner could not keep him because the dog would definitely eat him. And please find him a new home.

The woman was imbued with this situation and called animal rights activists. A girl named Olesya, who arrived at the call, immediately took up the issue. Lyova was taken to the veterinary clinic. The cat was perfectly healthy and strong.

Leva very quickly showed himself as an affectionate cat, but this is not typical for his breed. He was left to live in the clinic until Olesya finds a home for him. But the owner was found right there, not even a day passed. One kind woman, who recently lost her pet, wanted to take Lyova in. Therefore, this wonderful cat has already found a new home, where he is loved and taken care of.

But the situation is still not clear. Yes, animals often get along badly, fight and threaten each other’s safety or even life. This often happens, unfortunately. But what kind of monster do you have to be to throw out a cat like some kind of garbage, besides in winter? It was a very strange decision if Lyova’s owner was so worried about him, as he tried to convey in a note. The British do not tolerate the cold very well.

Temporarily Lyova could live with some friends or in a shelter. Why did you have to throw it away like that? It all looks as if the owner simply removed all responsibility for solving this problem in this way. Maybe it will blow over, maybe someone will take pity and take the cat, maybe everything will be fine. One solid “maybe”. And no problem. Unfortunately, a lot of people do this.

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