The puppy looked incredulously at people: he lived near the garbage can and did not know kindness

The weather was sunny, there was no wind. A row of small well-kept houses gave the impression of comfort. The pastoral picture was broken only by garbage containers, under one of which lay a puppy. The black-and-red kid was all alone, no one paid attention to him.

No one knew how long the puppy had been outside, but it became obvious that he needed help. One of the local residents took pity on the puppy and called the shelter, asking to pick up the baby.

When the volunteers arrived and approached the puppy, disbelief glimmered in his eyes. The animal did not express aggression, but it was in no hurry to trust people, not knowing what their plans were.

Volunteers examined the area, because the puppy could not be alone. The search did not bring results, neither other puppies, nor the baby’s mother was around. It was not clear how the baby ended up here all alone, but the volunteers decided that they would take the baby with them.

When the volunteer approached the puppy to take him in his arms, the distrust of the baby seemed to dissolve in the air and he began to smear his tail in a friendly way. The man carried the baby to the car, the animal looked confused, but as soon as it felt that it was being stroked, it calmed down and decided to trust people.

The first stop was the veterinary clinic. Doctors examined the baby and checked his vital signs, gave him medicine for parasites. The baby swallowed the drug with difficulty, but he did not refuse food and quickly dealt with everything that was offered to him. Before the shelter Oscar, so the puppy was called, did not get there. The kid was quickly found an overexposure and on the same day he ended up in a warm house, where a soft bed was waiting for him.

Soon the baby will be given all the necessary vaccinations and will start looking for a new family. Volunteers admit that they are in love with their ward and hope that they can find him a family that will have the same sincere feelings for him.

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