Nastya felt bad, but no one stopped: everyone passed by, except for a homeless puppy

Nastya had no serious health problems. Of course, she caught a cold, suffered a sore throat a couple of times, but the doctors never diagnosed her with any serious illnesses, although this is not surprising for a 20-year-old girl.

Nastya was a student, studied economics. Nastya rode the tram from the institute. Often public transport was packed with passengers, but the girl had only five stops to go, so the road did not cause problems. On this day, Nastya also got on the tram and, finding a free place by the rail, went to the couples. After a few seconds, it became difficult for the girl to breathe, and a black veil appeared before her eyes. Nastya decided to go outside the bus stop to the institute to take a walk and breathe in the cold air.

On the street, she felt better, but she only had enough strength to take a couple of steps. Blackness reappeared in her eyes, slowly the girl was able to make her way to the bench. Nastya understood that she needed to call her mother, but she did not even have the strength to get her phone out of her bag. The girl massaged her temples, hoping that she would soon feel better. Passers-by went about their business and did not notice the condition of the girl. Many looked at Nastya and moved on, believing that the girl was going through some kind of emotional drama.

Suddenly, a puppy appeared at the shop. The animal sniffed the girl and yelped softly. The sound caught the attention of an elderly woman passing by.

Girl, are you not feeling well? Do you need help?

– Thank you. Darkness in the eyes, no strength. I have a phone in my bag, can you take it out and call my mom?

Parents arrived quickly and after a quarter of an hour Nastya was lying in her bed. A few hours later, the girl felt better. The tightness in the tram provoked her pressure surge. Nastya told her parents that the puppy helped her to call for help, until he started yapping, no one just paid attention to her. The head of the family offered to help the baby by taking him off the street and looking for a family.

In the evening, mom, dad and Nastya went to the bus stop to look for a furry hero. The puppy was sleeping peacefully under the bench. Hearing people, the animal opened its eyes and immediately recognized Nastya. The girl stroked the baby.

The family took Bucks home, where he was immediately treated for parasites. The puppy was taken to the clinic, although he did not like the communication with the doctor. The puppy was vaccinated and issued a passport. While the family took care of Bax, they loved the baby so much that they decided not to look for another family for him.

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