I took the dog from the owners, but she did not understand why she was being taken away

The dog couldn’t take his eyes off his master. The dog did not understand why we took him and are trying to separate him from the people he loves. This is not the first time I have seen the tears of animals, usually they are caused by joy or sorrow, that day for the first time I saw what the tears of a dog look like, which realized that it had been betrayed. Archie knew it was the last time he saw the people he loved.

The pain of betrayal in the baby was mixed with fear, because the unknown was ahead of him, he did not understand where he was being taken and how he would be dealt with next.

For two years, Archie lived in a family, he had a house, people who took care of him. The family decided to move, they did not want to take the dog with them, and people had no time to look for new owners. So Archie ended up with us.

I would like to hope that in the new city people will not start getting pets, because, as it turned out, they do not take into account the interests of animals when they make their plans.

Archie is going through a difficult separation from his family, he has a lot of stress due to the fact that people have betrayed him.

While the dog is on a paid overexposure. Archie does not trust people, he is scared, often refuses to eat. The dog has a bad mood and this begins to affect his well-being.

When the dog calms down a bit, we will take him to the vet, vaccinate, castrate. Only after that will the search for new owners begin, who will be faithful to their pet as much as he is faithful to people.

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