He had a house. But they took him out and left him by the road: the dog sat in the rain and waited

This cute dog was left on the street. The owners took him outside the city and dropped him off at the village market. It was clear from the dog that he used to live in the house. The animal did not know the rules of the street, it did not understand where to go and what to do. The dog was still sitting by the road, wet snow fell on him. The animal was confused, stray dogs attacked him, the dog could not defend himself, tried to escape, but did not know where to hide.

The sellers at the market knew all the local animals, but this dog was seen here for the first time. Dogs made people nervous, and when they started to arrange “showdowns”, this caused even more irritation. People called to catch. In trapping, the conditions for keeping dogs are not much better than life on the street, and there was no chance for a domestic dog to survive there. Fortunately, we arrived at the place first and so the Cube, we gave the dog such a name, ended up with us.

The first day Kubik just slept. We did not touch the dog, giving him the opportunity to sleep off and eat plenty. Then the dog began to just walk back and forth, not understanding what was happening. There was confusion and pain from betrayal in his eyes. After a few days, Kubik got used to overexposure and people, became more sociable, he came up to us, asking to be stroked. A couple of days later he happily jumped at the sight of people.

The dog turned out to be contact and affectionate. It was evident that the previous owners talked a lot with him. Kubik likes to be closer to people, sit down, caress, asks to be petted. Soon he began to try to climb into our arms, licking his hands and face.

The cube is accustomed to a leash, during a walk it is in no hurry, looking around with curiosity. Such a dog will be a wonderful companion for the elderly, slowly walking with them through the park and sitting on a bench.

Kubik does not quarrel with other dogs and does not try to share anything, he always retreats. He quickly became friends with our dogs, but simply ignores cats. Kubik’s character is calm, he gets along well with people.

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