The girl could not pass by and took a homeless dog and her puppies from the street

Now Karina cannot imagine her life without her dog Busi. She loves her. Recently, her beloved pet turned four years old, but she could simply not live to this age …

Busi has the most ordinary story, of which there are many. When she was pregnant, she decided to give birth under the balconies of a residential building. She felt safer there. But neither the dog nor its offspring, nothing good was expected there.

But the dog was lucky, there was a caring girl who cared about the fate of her mother and her kids. Karina took the whole family to her home. So now the dog could not worry about his puppies, because they were warm and safe.

And Busya is one of the puppies of that dog. Karina decided to keep her. The dog grew up very obedient and affectionate. Karina loves her very much.

Sometimes Busya likes to play pranks, but this only amuses the hostess. So the dog was very lucky, because on the street it is not known what happened to her.

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