John forgot to close the doors, and in the morning he saw a dog in his house who needed help

John forgot to close the doors, and most people get pets only after careful analysis and planning. Only after that they go to the shelter, where, having chosen an animal, they can get used to it for some time, and if everything is fine, then the lucky one finds a new home and owner.

However, there are completely opposite situations when an animal suddenly breaks into your house and immediately becomes a member of the family. This is exactly what happened to John Johans from Texas.

On his page on the social network, the man wrote that when he woke up in the morning, he found a dog at home that did not belong to him.

Recently, John was awakened by his wife and said that there was a dog in their house.

“. My wife and I did not know how she got into our house and were ourselves a little scared that an unfamiliar dog was in the house. I noticed that she was shaking all over from the fact that she was wet and cold, ”said John.

The man decided to check all the windows and doors, they were all closed. So where could the animal come from? Then John decided to check the cameras. It turned out that the dog did not appear magically.

It turned out that the dog just entered the door, which they forgot to close.

John was walking with his dog Jerry in the evening and when he returned home, he did not close the door until the very end and at night the wind opened it wide open. So the homeless dog was able to get inside the house. After a man passed by and saw an open door, he decided to close it and so the dog remained inside until the morning.

John and his wife fed the hungry poor thing, and then they took her to the veterinary clinic. There they learned that the dog was too thin and had injuries that needed to be treated.

Another veterinarian was able to determine that the dog is about 9 years old and does not have a chip, because this is most likely a street animal.

The couple decided to treat the dog and after a while she looked healthy and beautiful. John and his wife decided to keep the dog and named her Rosie.

Now Rosie is happy that she has found a home where she is loved. Roma saw a dog in his house who needed help

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