Instead of souvenirs, a schoolgirl brought a thin puppy from Jamaica

Today we will tell you about a young 17-year-old girl from Seattle, USA, named Ellie. Recently, Ellie and her father went on vacation to Jamaica. One day, they decided to ride horses that could be rented at a local ranch. And while the girl’s father was negotiating the cost of a horse ride, Ellie decided to take a walk and look at the animals living there.

She was distracted from her exciting occupation by a plaintive squeal. Turning around, she saw a red-haired puppy begging for food from visitors. He had the appearance of an emaciated and unhealthy animal. Later, the girl found out that the puppy was no more than three months old. And at that moment she was visited by a crazy idea to take the puppy to her home to save him from starvation.

But this turned out to be a difficult task. Firstly, Ellie was in a foreign country, and secondly, the puppy was street and without proper documents. Not surprisingly, no one supported her idea. But Ellie wasn’t about to give up. She looked up the contacts of a local animal welfare organization on the Internet and asked them for help. To everyone’s surprise, they didn’t refuse.

The employees of the organization offered their own way out of the current situation. Their task is to cure Kingston, the puppy received such a nickname, and send him by air to Seattle. Ellie needed only financial assistance. In order to raise the necessary amount of money, Ellie, already in her homeland, organized a fundraiser through social networks. Almost all Internet friends responded to her request. And very soon, Kingston, grown up and healthy, Ellie flew in.

The whole family went to pick up the puppy. At first, Kingston looked scared, but when he noticed his savior, he immediately cheered up. At first, the puppy was a little shy in the new house, but after Ellie petted him several times, he began to feel more confident.

Today Kingston is already 8 months old. At this point in time, he feels great and enjoys every day. All family members sincerely fell in love with their new pet and never regretted their decision. And about Ellie I want to say separately. People like her deserve to be called heroes.

As Ellie admitted, before the incident with Kingston, she never thought about the fate of homeless animals. And she called her act the most correct for all 17 years.

Ellie appeals to all the inhabitants of the planet with a request not to be indifferent and to help everyone who needs help.

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