How did the fate of the shepherd Uli, who could not pay for her treatment and remained in the snow

Today we want to share the story of the Shepherd Uli. People noticed that the dog’s paw was badly bruised, they took it and took it to the veterinarian. However, they had nothing to pay for her treatment, and the veterinary clinic did not want to treat her for free.

Then Ulya was again on the street near the court building. It is not clear whether she reached herself or someone carried her.

When the volunteers saw this publication, they immediately went to the courthouse. Ulya was immediately sent to another veterinary clinic. We were able to raise money for treatment with the help of people.

The veterinarian said that most likely the shepherd was hit by a car. We could not find her previous owners. Ulya was cured and found a new home for her.

The new owners gave a different nickname to the dog – Madeleine. She has been living with them for almost a year, happy and healthy. When this family took Ulya, they already had ten cats. Ulya was delighted with the new house, but Ulya’s cat was not. They did not ask for a new household, especially a dog, so they showed their discontent in all sorts of ways. However, the hostess was not frightened by the complexity, and she made it clear to the animals that Ulya Madeleine would stay here forever. The cats had no choice but to accept.

It became known that the former owners of Ulya were chained. On the street, everything was new to her, so she behaved like a savage. The leash was able to gnaw through in a minute. One did not want to walk in a large fenced area. She left for a couple of minutes and immediately returned home.

After six months of living in a new house, everything got better, Ulya became more calm and confident. Now she spends almost the whole day in the yard, especially she likes to lie on the veranda.

In this fuzzy, but so touching, photo, Ulya meets a new family member that the owners picked up on the street.

May all shelter and street animals find their homes and loving owners!

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