Because of the unusual appearance of the cat, no one wanted to take it from the shelter. But he still found a family

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a healthy cat. And if the animal has some flaws or suffers from some kind of disease, the chances will decrease significantly. In Texas, at an animal shelter, one kitten was born, which had congenital pathologies – hydrocephalus and a problem with the paws. And he was not gaining weight, which also became a big problem. Because of this, he had a non-standard appearance. He also required special care. Despite the health problems, the workers of the shelter still decided to place information about him on their website. And to everyone’s surprise, a woman named Lisa Jones, who lives in New York, responded to the message.

The woman came to the shelter and took the kitten to her. She named him Zeke. Liza said that she took pity on the kitten and wanted to surround him with care and love. By the way, she already had a cat with a similar diagnosis, although his illness was milder.

The fact that Zeke has a family can be called a real miracle. It is very difficult for him to walk on his paws, but he found a way to move around the house. The hostess calls Zeke a climber, as he manages to climb any furniture. As for his character, Zeke is a very good-natured and cute kitten, loves affection and snorting. Animals with a difficult fate remain forever faithful to their saviors and always treat them with tenderness. Zeke also turned out to be very shy, this manifests itself if you look at the cat for a long time.

There is another cat in the house, named Superman. The animals have become friends and love to play together. Of course, Zeke’s sore paws prevent them from running together, but they find many other entertainments.

It is wonderful that there are still people like this woman in the world. To give a sick cat a chance for a normal life, she came to Texas from New York! Not all people are capable of such an act, and even twice. And the unusual appearance here is not the most difficult thing. Such cats require constant care, and the owners should not leave them alone for a long time. Lisa Jones is a man with a capital letter.

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