A street cat sneaked into the locker room of the hockey players and left a surprise in one of them’s bag.

The story that we will tell you today happened in South Korea. Once, a stray cat got into the dressing room of the Gwangyang Crazy Eagles hockey team and left a nice present.

It was a normal day for the guys. After training, the athletes went to the dressing room. And then one of the team members noticed in his bag, where his spare uniform and sports equipment lay, a yard cat, which they often saw near the stadium, with a newborn offspring. Most likely, the sports bag in the dressing room seemed to the expectant mother the most suitable place for the birth of her children.














All athletes looked with delight at the wonderful fluffy lumps, and the mother cat with a calm face watched everything that happened. Hockey players unanimously decided to leave the animals in the locker room for a while, and for the next few weeks they fed the cat.

And then the guys persuaded the stadium worker, who monitored the condition of the rink, to take all the animals to him. By the way, his wife immediately fell in love with these fluffies. Therefore, until now, the cat mother and her cubs live together with the people who sheltered them. Everyone, both people and cats, feel great.

It happens when animals take risks for the sake of a happy future. Who knows how their fate would have developed if the cat had not committed this act.

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