A man saved a pregnant dog from going to the “other world” and gave life to six puppies

The shelter was going to send one dog into “eternal sleep”. This became known to a man who lived in another city. He decided that he wanted to save the pet from such a fate and take it for himself. The man already had a dog, which he also adopted from a shelter. He learned about this dog from a friend and about that.

Nick, without hesitation, went for the animal to another city to save him from this. When he saw Eli, he immediately realized that this dog would definitely become his true friend. The Society for the Protection of Animals helped a man pick up a dog from a shelter. Soon Eli got acquainted with the new house and the new owner. But that was a surprise – the dog was pregnant!

The staff at the shelter didn’t know about it. Nick decided he would take good care of the puppies. He went to the pet store, where he bought everything he needed for future puppies: food, vitamins, toys and bedding.

And so Eli gave birth to six babies – four boys and two girls. Nick takes care of puppies with his girlfriend and cannot imagine his life without them. He considers keeping at least one for himself.

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