A cat was found on the street with a note: “Please do not touch the cat. There’s a reason he’s here.”

Local residents of one of the towns in Canada called the shelter. They reported that they found a cat on the porch of one house and, apparently, he was very weak and most likely sick. Next to the animal was a note with the following content: “Do not touch the cat. He is here for a specific reason. Thanks for understanding!”.

This case was assigned to Robert, who works in this shelter. When the man approached the cat, he looked at him with very sad eyes. Robert’s heart trembled, and he immediately took the cat off the street, not thinking about the reasons why he was on the street. The shelter employee no longer cared about the strange note, he could only think about how to quickly help the pet.

At the shelter, the veterinarian said that the cat had a lot of fleas and needed to eat urgently, it was clear that he had not been fed for a long time. The pet was immediately imbued with the care that the shelter workers surrounded him with. After all, the cat looked at everyone with his sad eyes, and this did not leave anyone indifferent, so he was given a lot of attention. Thanks to care, care and good nutrition, the cat quickly began to recover. The pet was given the nickname Silver.

On their page in social networks, the shelter staff told the story of the cat and this made him popular. But the main thing is that they managed to raise funds for toys, medical care and food for Silvera. In addition, his story has attracted a lot of attention, which means that the pet will definitely be able to find good owners and it seems they have even been found.

And about the former owners of the cat, the shelter staff managed to find out that they kicked him out into the street so that he would catch mice. Only they sent him already weak and sick, so the cat was no longer up to catching rodents. The main thing is that now Silver is healthy and will live in care and love.

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