The guest had to be soldered with water after he saw the cat: what happened

After a brief argument, Nadia convinced Kostya that they needed to get a cat. The wife also insisted that an oriental cat appear in the house. Unusual breed with long paws, big ears and expressive look Nadya liked for a long time. We chose a kitten from breeders, looking for the exact one that the girl dreamed of for a long time.

They chose a black girl, who received the name Julie. The cat turned out to be affectionate and charming, quickly fell in love with both his wife and husband.

The young couple spent most of the day at work, and Julie was very bored alone in the house. To brighten up the cat’s life, it was decided to have another kitten.

This time the breed was chosen for a long time, with disputes and even quarrels. In the end, the couple agreed on an unexpected decision for both of them – to get a sphinx. Soon the second exotic cat appeared in the house. The Sphinx was named Bastet.

The animals quickly found a common language, shared food from bowls, slept together. Julie sometimes used the rights of the eldest and drove Bastet from the place she had warmed up in order to lie down there herself.

And here is a funny story. A friend came to Konstantin. The guy lived in another city, so after the wedding he was not yet in the house of the newlyweds. A friend brought gifts, cognac and a good mood.

The three of us sat at the table right away, then Nadya left the men to chat and drink brandy, and she herself went to bed.

When Julie came from the kitchen to the man, the guest was surprised, because the cat’s appearance is unusual. Kostya explained that this is an oriental cat and looks quite typical for her breed. Julie did not stay long in the men’s company and, bored, she crawled under the bed to sleep.

The guest noticed the cat’s maneuver, he was just bringing the glass to his mouth, when Bastet began to crawl out from under the bed. Noticing a bald cat with huge ears, the man was shocked. He could not understand what had happened and why a black cat crawled under the bed, and a bald one crawled out from under it? They drank a little cognac, obviously not enough for such metamorphoses.

Bastet was sleeping under the bed when Julie crawled in and kicked her out of the warm place. The cat decided to look for something else and began to crawl out from under the bed when she saw a guest who looked extremely frightened. The rest of the cognac in the bottle was no longer drunk for the meeting, but to calm the nervous system of the guest.

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