In the icy river, the cat has already frozen into the ice, taking its last breaths.

In the first days of January they still continued to celebrate. Natalia had a day off, so she went to the banks of the Yenisei to capture the winter in Krasnoyarsk. The thermometer showed below 10 degrees, and by the evening they predicted up to 20 frosts. Therefore, the woman dressed warmly.

Once at the river, Natalya was amazed not by the winter landscape, but by an unexpected picture: a cat was swimming along the river, not far from the shore, on an ice floe. The animal was wet, very cold and from impotence could not even move. The cat only meowed, while the sound was very quiet.

Natalia could not leave the cat in trouble and take up photography. The woman was able to get the animal, wrapped it in her scarf and rushed to the veterinarian.

The doctors were shocked. Examination showed that the cat had a sewn-in catheter in the urinary tract. The doctors understood that the cat had recently been in the clinic, they could not understand what happened, that the cat ended up in the river.
– We wrote about the cat in a chat where veterinarians communicate. One of the doctors identified his patient.

It turned out two days ago the owner of the cat brought him to the clinic. The animal could not go to the toilet on its own, so the doctor sewed a catheter into it. The next day, the owner and the cat were supposed to come for a follow-up appointment, but they never showed up at the clinic. A day later, Timosha was found in the river.

We thought that the cat might have escaped and fallen into the river. The clinic had the owner’s number, the doctor called him and asked why they did not come to the appointment. The owner said that he did not have a cat, he sent him to another city for treatment. We could not believe such cynicism. He sent his cat on an ice floe to travel?

It became clear that the owner of the cat did not want to bother with treatment and simply threw his pet into the river. The cat turned out to be agile and was able to get out of the water onto the ice floe, and the appearance of Natalya saved his life. Probably, fate decided that Timosha deserved his second chance.

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