A small domestic rat escaped from its cage: the owner searched for a long time and this is where she found it

The girl loves animals and always comes to their aid. Once, just on her doorstep, there was a cat in position. Mackenzie took her to the house and soon she became a mother. The kids became independent, and the girl gave them to their new owners, and decided to leave one kitten, the most funny and affectionate. She named her new pet Jagger. The kitten quickly grew up, but his affectionate character remained unchanged.

The cat was already 8 months old when his owner brought a couple of rats into the house. Mackenzie saw rodents in the market. The merchant said that he would no longer take care of the rodents, and if no one took them away, he would simply let the little ones out into the street. The girl understood that domestic rats could not survive on their own and took them.

Mackenzie feared how Jagger would react to her new wards, because hunting rodents is a natural instinct for cats. All fears were dispelled after one incident. Perhaps the girl did not close the cage tightly enough, or they were very smart and were able to open it, but when Mackenzie returned, she saw that one rat was missing.

She searched the whole house, but did not find the fugitive. Just as she was about to give up, she spotted a rodent in Jagger’s cabin. The rat was not just in the house itself, it was lying on top of the cat, and he did not mind at all.

Quite unexpectedly, the animals became friends, after which the second rat came to meet the cat. The cat has a great time with new friends, he allows them to climb on his head, play with wool.

The hostess is no longer afraid to let the rats go for a walk, because she knows that the friendly Jagger will not harm them.

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