A hungry mother-dog with 6 little puppies was sitting on a chain in the rain by the road.

It was May night. Spring is coming to an end, lightning flashed outside and it started to rain. Taking our children with us, my husband and I went in search of a dog and its six puppies, which our neighbor recently saw. We walked around the place she described several times until the silhouette of a bright animal appeared in the darkness. The dog lived a couple of meters from the road. It used to be white, but now it was covered with mud and stood in a puddle, because the chain did not let it go any further. The dog was thin and exhausted. As soon as she noticed us, she began to wag her tail affably.

Illuminating the lanterns all around, I saw that the chain led to an old booth, which had almost completely rotted from time and rain.

As soon as I got closer, puppies jumped out at my feet, as thin as their mother. Later we saw a pile of metal that served as a shelter for the kids from the rain. The old booth did not protect from the weather and was too small for the whole family.

The booth did not have bowls of food and water. The dog joyfully jumped near us and tried to lick our hands, as if realizing that we appeared in this place in order to help her and the kids. The puppies noticed the bag of food and happily pounced on it. We immediately started unpacking the treats.

The animals were very hungry, it seemed they had never seen food before. I saw different animals, but for the first time in my memory, dogs ate so quickly and so greedily. They did not eat the food, but immediately swallowed it, as if they were afraid that it would end soon, and they would not have time to satisfy their hunger.

The dog literally snatched the bag of offal from our hands and began to eat without waiting for us to open it. It was hard to watch. The puppies were dirty and wet, but they radiated genuine happiness from the fact that people paid attention to them. I really wanted to take the whole family, because their living conditions were terrible, but at home we already have so many animals, there is simply nowhere to keep 7 more dogs.

The guards of the enterprise where the dogs lived told us that the mother is a watchman at the local car wash and they will not give her away, but it would be nice for the puppies to find new owners. I was outraged: the dog was expected to serve, and people did not want to provide her with elementary conditions and even feed her.

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