Three paws and one eye: the dog has suffered in his life

The street dog Dick always had the same route. Every day he walked along the street, approached the bus stop, passed by the local hospital. Around the dog looked with the only surviving eye, and walked on three legs, another one just dangled without moving.

Dick could have spent his whole life on the street, but one incident changed everything.

Dick began to take a strong liking to the little dog. In order to intersect with his “lady of the heart”, the dog changed the route and moved to another street where the dog lived. Soon the lady of Dick’s heart became a mother. Her puppies were born under an abandoned car.

The residents of the street drew attention to the mother with six kids, they called for a capture. The dog with the kids was caught, and Dick was able to escape. Dick was lucky, because the dog could not endure anesthesia, as well as life in a small cage with dozens of other animals.

It was impossible for Dik to stay on the street, Valentina Silich, who has a small shelter for dogs, agreed to take him to her place.

Dick was operated on to remove an injured paw and a sore eye. At the shelter, the dog recovered and quickly made friends.

I would like to believe that Dick’s pictures will be seen by those who helped him survive on the street. He remembers how Natalya, who worked at the kiosk, fed him during difficult times and feels grateful to her.

We are grateful to Valentina, who takes care of those whom many considered hopeless.

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