The cat sat on a bench like a sparrow and looked at the world with one eye

Volunteers received a video with this kitten in social networks. In the video, the animal was sitting on a bench, ruffled, because it was very cold outside. From the video, it was noticeable that the cat had problems with one eye, which was at least disproportionately larger than the second. Volunteers immediately realized that the kitten needed help and needed it urgently. The winter holidays were in full swing, but volunteers began to gather for a trip for a kitten.

“Are you soon? I fed the cats, they will soon run to the basement to warm themselves, ”a woman who fed street cats in the yard where the sick kitten showed up explained the situation by phone. The volunteers were on the road, so the woman stood outside and talked to the cats, begging them to spend some more time outside. Snowstorms and severe frosts made the wait unbearable, although the volunteers were less than half an hour late. The cats obeyed their nurse and waited patiently outside all this time.

Volunteers immediately noticed the sick cat, she was sitting in a box, cuddling up to her furry friend to get a little warm.

At first glance, it was clear that it would not be possible to save the animal’s eye. This infection is curable, but therapy helps in the early stages, in the situation with this cat the disease was too advanced, aggravated by frost and the lack of timely help.

When the cat was put into the carrier, she resisted desperately. The woman offered the volunteers to pick up the sister of her ward.

Together in the carrier, the cats calmed down a bit. The cats ended up in the car, their nurse went into the entrance, and the rest of the animals immediately ran into the basement to warm themselves.

The cats were taken to Kursk, where they found an overexposure for them.

The white girl was named Meggie, her sister was Pushunya. Maggie had her eye removed, Peggy had her hair cut to remove the tangles. Both girls were sterilized. While the cats are recovering and eating off, and soon they will be looking for owners.

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