The lying man was ignored. Only the dog tried to save the owner

Appearance often becomes not only the first, but also the only thing people rely on when making their opinion about others. If a man in a business suit is lying in the middle of the street, people come up and ask if they need help, call an ambulance. Noticing a person in the same position in cheap and not new clothes, people will pass by, deciding that the person is drunk.

In Costa Rica, there was a story that showed that judging by appearance is a big mistake.

A dog darted across the road. The animal barked and did not want to leave the road. Drivers honked, resented, drove around the dog, but did not stop to find out what was wrong.

One of the drivers decided to stop and check what caused the dog’s behavior. She immediately began to show the man that he should follow him. Moving away from the road, the man realized that the animal was worried for a reason.

A man in cheap second-hand clothes was lying on the sidewalk. People did not try to find out what happened, believing the person was homeless or drunk, so they just stepped over him and moved on.

The driver realized that the person needed medical help. he called the doctors and soon they were on the spot, confirming that the man fell not just like that, but because of a heart attack.

The dog did not let the owner go alone and, despite the objection of the doctors, got into their car.

Doctors helped and soon the man came to his senses. It turned out that his name was Jorge, and the dog that called for help was his pet named Chiquito. They live together on the outskirts of the city, the house is replaced by an equipped trailer. The man took the pet for a walk, but on the way he felt unwell and fell on the sidewalk.

The dog did everything to help the owner, without his help, Jorge could forever lie on the sidewalk.

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