The cat was sterilized, but she did not agree with this and brought a kitten from the street

Nature itself gives us instincts, so it is not easy to overcome or deceive them. It can be difficult for people to curb instincts, but it is even more difficult to cope with this animal, for which natural inclinations come first.

I got a cat. At two years old, I took my pet to the veterinarian and she was sterilized. The operation went well, although a few days after visiting the clinic, my cat preferred to lie under the bed and was sad.

I was calm, because I knew that from the next walk the cat would not bring kittens, for which I would have to look for owners. But my arguments were not interesting to the cat, and from the next walk she nevertheless brought me a baby.

Interestingly, the cat adopted the kitten as her own and did her best to take care of him. The cat was so carried away by the role of the mother that she even had milk.

My cat is smarter than me. Her desire to become a mother was so strong that she found a way to realize it. I only feel sorry for that street cat, whose kitten was simply taken away from under her nose by my pet. I wonder if she is upset or happy that one of her babies will always be full and warm?

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