On December 31, a small black dog was sitting against the wall of the house, pressing into a cardboard box.

On December 31, people did not linger on the street, because very soon they had to celebrate the holiday with their families. The dog sat in a box near the house and watched the passers-by who ran past her, but did not notice her at all.

The dog did not know that a holiday was coming soon, a night when everyone gave gifts and made wishes. On the eve of the holiday, the dog was left completely alone and was very scared.

With every minute, the cold penetrated the baby more and more, she was trembling violently. To keep warm and find food, she needed to move, but she did not have the strength for this, and there was no desire. The dog did not understand why she should live if she was left completely alone.

The baby curled up at the bottom of the box, which was pierced by the wind and gradually filled with snow. All that the animal could hope for was a miracle that could happen on New Year’s Eve.

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