Hungry dog was waiting for the owner in an abandoned house, but he still did not come

This dog lived in an empty house. When they found him, he looked just awful. Most likely, the owner of the dog was a homeless man who, using improvised means, built a kind of booth for him. Even this owner disappeared somewhere, so the dog was left alone, without food and water.

The dog did not leave the empty house anywhere, lying in place and waiting for the owner to return sooner or later for him. Dogs could only hope for a miracle, and soon it came, in the person of volunteers.

When people came for the dog, she could barely bark. The dog tried to bark at people, performing his duties as a watchman, but he did not even have enough strength for this.

Realizing that he would not be able to protect his house from outsiders, the dog simply lowered his head and closed his eyes from fatigue and impotence. People understood that they had very little time left to save the animal.

When the dog was taken from his home and taken to a new life, he was given the name Dobby. Outwardly, the dog really looked like this thin movie character, so the name quickly stuck.

The clinic found out that scabies led to baldness in the dog, the disease had been there for a long time and required serious treatment.

Fortunately, Dobby did not have any other serious health problems. For a week of enhanced nutrition, the dog gained weight, his strength returned. Dobby was active and quick-witted.

Gradually the dog came to his senses, overgrown with new wool. Treatment and care for a few months completely transformed the appearance of the animal.

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