A wet, icy lump jumped right under the wheels on December 31

Lily was returning home from the shelter. It was December 31 and she was in a hurry, because she had to cook for the festive feast. Just a kitten jumped out under the wheels of her car, small, wet, real icicles already appeared on its paws. Lilia braked sharply, the car barely had time to stop in front of the baby.

While Lilia was picking up the kitten from the road, all traffic stopped for a few minutes. An unexpected find was a girl who, crossing the road in this place, risked her life. Lilya could not understand how the little girl ended up on a busy road and where she intended to go.

In the car, the baby warmed up, the icicles on her paws melted. Lilia really hoped that she had time in time, and the kitty did not have time to catch a cold. While the baby will live in a house in Lilia.

The cat was lucky that she crossed the road just in front of the car that Lily was driving. The woman believes that the fact that she helped the animal on the eve of the holiday is a good sign.

The kitty was named Darinka, she is a little less than 3 months old, and when she dried up and came to her senses, it turned out that she was very cute.

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