To protect his crop from rats, the farmer took a cat, but he decided to protect the farmer’s daughter

Cats that have lived on the street for a long time and take care of themselves on their own very quickly become attached to people who decide to give them a family and a home. After finding a family, the former tramp Hunter also showed his gratitude to people with all his might.

Hunter and Kate were brother and sister. The cats lived on the streets of San Diego for a long time, then they were caught and sent to a shelter. The animals were large, they took care of themselves from infancy and had absolutely no idea how to live next to people. Most often, it is not possible to find a family for such animals, and they remain in a shelter. This time the situation was different, because the farmer took him. The man was looking for a cat to protect his crops from rats, and the big hunter with a wild character seemed to him the ideal candidate. Seeing Kate in the shelter, the man decided to take her too.

Cats got used to living on a farm quickly, but it took them some time to learn to trust people. People showed patience and care for animals, and they changed their suspicion to trust, and then love.

Hunter, giving the impression of a wild and even ferocious animal, was completely subdued by the daughter of the owner of the farm. The cat does not leave the girl a single step and spends all his time next to the little mistress. Even when the girl goes for a walk with friends, Hunter follows her and sits nearby, watching that no one offends the baby.

But Hunter did not like to protect the grain, he entrusted this task to Kate. While Kate guards the harvest, Hunter takes care of the girl’s safety. Cats are great at what they do.

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