To keep kittens from freezing in the cold, a cat came to a cafe for help from people

A cat ran up to one of the cafes in Labinsk. the animal scratched the windows with its claws and screamed loudly, demanding attention from people.

Some visitors went outside to find out what happened. Employees of the establishment also appeared in front of the door, they wanted to scare the animal so that it would run away. One couple pacified the ardor of the employees, they decided to take the cat in their arms, but the cat, noticing that they paid attention to it, began to break free and run away.

The cat turned to people for help for freezing kittens

The young people realized that the cat attracted their attention so that they would follow him. the couple followed the animal into the forest. the cat stopped only at the box, which stood in the thicket.

The box was on the path, it was closed and covered with tape. The cat began to scratch the box, as if trying to open it, while the animal was very nervous.

This cat approached people to ask for help from people, her babies were freezing in a box.

When the guy opened the box, there was a couple of kittens inside. Apparently, the babies were born quite recently. The cat at the same second was in the box and began to wash and feed the crumbs.

The couple took the kids and their mother to their home. When the kittens become independent, they will find new families, and the couple decided to leave the cat to live with them.

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