They do not understand why no one needs them: they are pulling their paws from the enclosure, and no one pays attention

This New Year was the last for many dogs living on the streets of Yakutsk. Dogs already had to not just be without a warm shelter, because it was fifty degrees below zero outside, but people tried to deprive them of their last hope, deciding to legalize “mass eumanasia”. Behind the pretentious name, they tried to hide what would be better called reprisal.

While some only thought about how to settle scores with stray dogs, others took action immediately. Doggies believe people and approach them, I think they will help, but in fact, these people decided that it was they who could determine who would live and who would not. Animals ended up on the street through the fault of man, and now they will end their lives because of a human whim.

The way the events are being broadcast to the press is also appalling. A local cynologist campaigns for the elimination of stray dogs, calling them dangerous predators, but in other cities, these animals are considered pets.

Some vagrants are immediately brought to PJ. Here they live for several days before people decide their fate. A couple of days ago we adopted two dogs from Yakutia. We don’t have a place, but I understand that I can’t help the two and just watch what happens to the others. I asked for a dog video to see who I can help. Yesterday I was given a video and now I have to make a very difficult choice.

After the first few seconds of the video, I could not hold back the tears. These animals look into the camera with hope, shake the net of the enclosure, trying to attract attention, desperately make their way closer to the person, as if realizing that this is their last hope for life. A small puppy was also caught on video, which is shaking from the cold, because it is covered with frost.

The dogs crowded around the fence, as if they understand that now someone will be sentenced to death, and someone will get a chance for pardon. Each dog is beautiful, there are many thoroughbreds and mestizos, each look shines with the mind, but doom is visible in each.

Dogs try to help each other: the big ones warm the babies, try to cover them with themselves, only in the cage there is no salvation from the cruel plans of man.

I do not know how to choose, how to decide who will continue to live, and who will be doomed to a quick death?

I could not choose, I promised that we would find a place for everyone who was brought to us. Animals, like humans, only have one life. Everyone dreams that he will be able to survive, escape from the cold, eat enough.

Most dogs are affectionate and sociable, they are not capable of harming a person, but people don’t care, they decided that animals have no place in their city.

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