The wife persuaded her husband to take a cat with an unusual appearance: now they are always together

Animal rescuers from the American Charleston brought a cat, which was very different from its relatives. Doctors have determined that the unusual appearance of the animal is associated with a genetic mutation. The left side of the kitten’s muzzle did not develop; the mutation affected not only the appearance, but also the brain.

Veterinarians did their best to remedy the situation, but were powerless. After numerous examinations, it was possible to find out that the mutation did not affect the life of the cat, and also that the cat does not require special care and treatment. Animal rights activists were happy with this turn of events, because finding owners for an unusual kitten is not easy, and if the disease requires serious care from the owners, the chances become very small.

The cat at the shelter was named Zara. Employees quickly became attached to an unusual girl, because she turned out to be sociable and kind. Zara tried to be closer to people, loved to sit on her hands. The staff loved the baby and thought with regret that they would not be able to find a family for this cute kitty.

Unexpectedly for all the owners, Zare was still found. There were 5 cats in the family, but the couple decided to give the house to Zara as well. Kerry Dabish confesses that with difficulty she persuaded her husband to take Zara from the shelter. The man was convinced that there were already too many cats in their house, and Zara’s appearance frightened him, making him think that she would require a lot of trouble and care.

Kerry managed to persuade her husband and soon Zara moved into the Dabisha house. In the new house, the cat was given a new name – Iji. From the very first days, she showed all her friendliness, showing the most sincere affection precisely for her husband Kerry. The cat did not leave the man a single step and constantly fawned over him. Idgie managed to win the heart of the owner of the house and she quickly became his favorite.

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