The puppy lay in the cold overnight, and in the morning passers-by saw that the baby was no longer moving.

We received a call from the employees of the enterprise, a puppy living on the territory was hit by a car. it all happened at night and until the morning the baby lay alone on the road, while the temperature was much below zero. In the morning, people came to work and found out about the incident, which no longer moved. The employees could not help the animal, because they were not allowed to leave work to deliver it to the veterinarian. People moved the baby to a warm room, but warned us that the authorities would soon arrive, who would not like it. Our volunteer Dmitry went for the baby. He has helped us more than once, for example, to catch dogs in an abandoned village. The road was very bad, Dima got there with difficulty, but nevertheless he reached the enterprise.

The workers carried the puppy to the volunteer’s car. The baby herself came to, but could not step on her hind legs. They carried the puppy with difficulty, it turned out that the little girl weighed 11 kg.

Puppy Dima was taken to the veterinarian, he diagnosed a hip fracture. The problem can be solved surgically, but in our city such an operation is not performed. The doctor advised us to limit the puppy’s movement, for example, put him in a small cage. Without movement, the bone will grow together, the dog will be able to walk, although it will be lame.

Unfortunately, we cannot leave the girl. We have no money for a hospital for the period of treatment, especially when the puppy gets better, we have to send him back. There are no free places at overexposure, especially since the dog is large and requires specific care, we don’t hope to find owners for such a dog…

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